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Passing a Farm Bill

In mid-November I traveled to Washington, D.C. with the National Young Farmers Coalition to lobby congressional representatives to pass a farm bill. Many farm bill programs don't pay any mind to farmers like Andy and I and it is so important that they hear from us. We showed up. They listened. Now we have a farm bill. It isn't perfect, it probably never will be, but it does support programs we can take advantage of like local foods promotion, value-added producer + EQIP grants while increasing access to farming funds for underserved populations. Yeehaw!

Sam and me, in Colin Petersen's office in November, lobbying for a farm bill that reflects young and beginning farmer needs!

This is a picture of Sam, a Duluth Young Farms Coalition member, and me in Colin Peterson's office. The sign says, "If farming were easy, congressmen would do it."

photo credit to Lindsay Lusher-Shute of the National Young Farmers Coalition.

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