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New restaurant, new friends. More people eating rebelliously local!

Beef heart tartare + Hamm's

Our new friends at TENANT Restaurant in South Minneapolis have opened and are making beautiful, delicious plates. Join them for dinner and you get SIX of them. Six plates for $50. Be prepared to try new things, things you're unlikely to ever cook for yourself. Andy and I were lucky to be invited earlier this month to one of their "practice rounds." We were seated next to another farmer duo to be featured on these SIX fantastic plates. We had good conversation, a HAMM's, a glass of wine and were talking about the food like we thought our "foodie" opinions were new and worth talking about. HA! This was good food you couldn't just sit and not ask questions about though. Go in and see for yourself.

For the Star Tribune article announcing their arrival to the scene click here.

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