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the Rebels are rooted

Hey friends! We are here-excuse the two-weeks-too-late announcement. Our plants are in the ground, seeds have germinated, greenhouse built, carpet removed, two cases of beer down-no Hamm's yet, 3 pounds of coffee brewed, hamstrings a touch tight and we're off to a successful season we think. The weeks leading up to our Richmond departure were incredibly bittersweet-emphasis on the sweet. We love that place and all of you in it. You all contributed in your many fine ways to amassing the courage and commitment it takes to embark on a new journey. We have two extra bedrooms and a big ass farm table that seats ten. So get up here. Let's fill it up.

Wait. It's currently 47 degrees and wet. Seriously, you might want to wait a month both for the warmth and the produce. You wouldn't guess that the days have been recently dreary. The Minnesotan spirit for daytime highs in the 50s and 60s is hard to miss and the grass is so, so green. The birds are making nests and they're everywhere. Our property is in a cool pocket of lakes and wetlands so red-winged blackbirds are everywhere and the loon's song is just one lake away. In Minnesota, that's really close. You'll find lots of pictures here of our home, our plants and surely some shots of the open sky. We'll feature recipes we're in love with from time to time and stories too. Thanks for keeping in touch and checking in once in a while. And remember, dinner table for ten and 4 acres of food. Love to you all-

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