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scenes from rebelSoil-week 1 + 2

take a look around...

This is the Yanmar. It was left behind when we were in Richmond. The tubes were bad but otherwise she's set to work. Look around...notice the blackboards on the wall? Andy's Schoolhouse Automotive + Tractor Repair? He's used every tool he has since unpacking.

the rain came after our third day here. which is good because it was real dry (weather talk is frequent). since our arrival we have had 3" of rain and there's more on the way. it's been cloudy and cooler than we would like but the seeds sown seem happy. arugula, radishes, hakureis, baby kale + mustards, peas, lettuces and beets have germinated alongside the brussels, kale, broccoli, onion, leek, chard and chicory transplants. yeehaw!

i wasn't kidding about three pounds of coffee. apparently andy has quite the addition and i just play along. this here coffee break is taking place in the 1890 schoolhouse onsite. its also home to the tractors, andy's shop and aimee's seeding/germination room. yes, that is lead paint.

andy has been the machine that he is whipping up this micro house for micro green production and field starts. he has custom-fit a couple implements, made our house sparkle and plow, disc + till 4 fields (3 to go!). what a stud.

pizza and beer on the deck out back might be a twice-weekly thing. separated only by other quickly prepared things like falafel + greens, tacos + greens, sausages and greens, greens + greens. the back deck over looks the school house, greenhouse, utility shed and lots of dandelions freshly mowed by dad to keep our frisbee yard obstacle free.

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