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following a season of wild weather and subsequent physical + emotional chaos, we have decided to turn it down a couple notches this season. This will mean growing less variety and less of each but in turn creating more space for the other pieces of our lives.


Nonetheless, We are honored and excited to be doing something we love, side by side, for our sixth season! Each year things change a bit; kale demand comes and then it goes, interests change, understanding deepens and our lessons and discoveries are put into action. This season, LIKE EVERY OTHER, we vow to grow healthy, high-quality, freshly harvested produce that you’ll feel good eating and plating. We choose vibrant, tasty, storied and unique varieties of both the ubiquitous and hard-to-find culinary delights so that all of us can eat well and have fun doing it.  

Farming continues to provide us with daily opportunities to be advocates for increased access to clean food, a healthier environment, a smarter farming future and stronger community ties. We grow food free of harmful pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers and Our practices rebel against the ugly, dominant, far-reaching methods of big, modern agriculture. There is a way to grow food with regard to the natural world and each season we strive to do just that.


We hope that by eating our produce you are inspired to cook more and take care of your place but most of all celebrate food with others. BRING ALONG THE CONVERSATIONS and BELLOWING LAUGHTER, throw out the rules and Let’s build a great tradition of celebrating food grown nearby!

Aimee + Andy

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